The old saying goes: “it’s what’s inside that counts.” At Speed Queen, we couldn’t agree more. In fact, what’s inside of a Speed Queen top load washer sets it apart from the competition and helps it deliver unparalleled performance…performance backed by industry-leading warranties of up to seven years on some models.

At the heart of the top load washer is a one-horsepower motor. Where the competition often tops out at .5 horsepower, Speed Queen knows that commercial performance requires a strong power plant to deliver clean clothes for years. Because it is variable speed, it gives owners the flexibility for custom wash cycles. Similarly, a 1.4-amp electric pump, again larger than most other competitor units, bookends our power story. Its power makes it less likely to overheat or clog.

Power, however, isn’t enough. A truly commercial top load washer requires a simple, efficient and heavy-duty drive system to transfer that power into wash action. Where others opt for complex systems of 10 to 21 pieces and plastic gears, Speed Queen’s two-piece steel drive system is engineered to deliver years of service. Heck, our shaft alone, weighing in at eight pounds rivals the full assembly of some units.

Speed Queen’s heavy metal theme plays throughout the machine, from our porcelain-coated steel outer drain tub (many use plastic, which is susceptible to mold, mildew and bacteria buildup).

Add in our heavy-duty suspension system and balance ring combining for the ultimate out-of-balance performance and less noise, and it’s easy to see just why the competition hates our top load washer’s “guts.”

However, Speed Queen’s legendary durability hasn’t been achieved through the highest quality components, alone. Ours is an engineered excellence, pairing commercial components with rugged designs. But we’re still not done. It’s only after the washer is tested to 10,400 cycles, or 25 years of use in the average home, that we know it is mission accomplished.

In the world of commercial laundry, what’s inside truly does count.