Try these ideas for missing socks

You’re washing socks , and somehow that special pair comes out as a lonely foot covering. But where do socks go in the wash? If you’re wondering what do with odd socks, here are several home hacks that can save you money and put lonely socks to use.

Around the house

Pot decoration: To make a colorful little pot for flowers or other plants, wrap a colorful sock around it.

Ice pack cover: If you get a bump and need an ice pack, put ice in a zip-close bag, then slip the bag inside a spare sock.

Dust rag: There are many different ways to use odd socks for cleaning and polishing. The simplest is to stretch a sock over your hand and wipe up the dust around your house.

Wipe off dry erase boards: Save a few dollars on an ‘official’ eraser and wipe off your dry erase boards with a leftover sock instead.

Protective wraps for items when packing: When you need to pack fragile items when moving, slip glasses and other breakables into soft socks for a protective cushion.

Draft protector: Take a long sock and fill with beans, popcorn kernels or rice. Add a little stuffing and sew shut, then set it along doors or windowsills where you notice cool drafts.

Potpourri holder: Fill a lonely sock with potpourri, then sew or tie off and hang it in your closet for months of gentle fragrance.

Baby mobile: If you have a bunch of colorful leftover infant socks, hang them from strings over a crib for a little fun.

Pincushion: Extra socks make great places to stash your pins. Cut off the top of the sock, stuff the sock with some polyester fill, form into a ball and sew it closed.

Computer wrist rest: Take the stress off your wrists when typing on your keyboard. Simply fill a sock with some stuffing and sew it shut.

In the garage

Cleaning cloth for car or bike: Similar to a dust rag, slip a sock over your hand for cleaning. Use one sock for washing and a separate one for buffing.

Golf club protectors: Club heads banging against each other? Grab some extra socks and pull them over your clubs to keep them in good shape.

Clothing and accessories

Start a fashion trend: For a little fashion fun, wear intentionally mismatching socks. Then you’ll never have to worry about losing socks again!

Fingerless gloves: Cut holes in the toe end of socks and slip your fingers through for a soft, inexpensive hand warmer.

Shoe polisher: Use mismatched socks to rub a little polish into your shoes to keep them beautiful and shiny.

Instant leg warmers: Snip off the toe and slide them over feet and on your legs. What could be simpler?

Children and pets playtime

Sock puppets: Pull a sock over your hand and decorate it any way you’d like!

Indoor playgrounds: It’s summer, and your child has worn sandals to the indoor playground that requires socks. No problem! Keep extra socks handy for these children’s play places that require them.

Sock animals: With a quick internet search, you can find directions for all kinds of creatures including elephants, dragons and owls—even the traditional sock monkey.

Dog toy: Put a chew bone or empty plastic bottle into a sock and sew it shut. Your dog will have hours of fun!

Dog pull toy: Stuff a tennis ball into the toe end of a sock, then drag it around. You might even have a friendly tug-of-war with your furry friend!

Cat toy: Pour some catnip into a sock and sew it closed for feline fun.

Have you found other ways to use those odd socks? Tell us in the comments!