While you’re washing and cleaning your clothes, it can be easy to neglect the room itself. Laundry rooms tend to be a bustling, well-trafficked, and heavily used space in the home and because of this, they tend to get messy… fast. Here’s some tips and tricks to ensure this space stays clean and tidy, just like your clothes.

  1. Wipe clean all the shelves and surfaces in the room with a wet rag and some all-purpose cleaner. Detergents can leave sticky residue all over, which then attracts dust and lint. As simple as it may seem, a quick wipe-down can do wonders.
  2. Want your machines to look brand new? Wipe down the outside surface of your washer and dryer with some paper towel, and glass cleaner. Done.
  3. Some vinegar and a hot cycle will keep your equipment fresh, clean, and sanitized. Take the time between loads to make sure what cleans your clothes, is clean.
  4. Soak your dryer lint trap, and other detachable parts, in hot water with soap, allowing you to scrub any buildup away quickly.
  5. The vacuum attachment is your friend. Vacuum areas inside, outside, and everywhere in between.
  6. Optimize your space. An organized room is a stress-free room. Add shelves to store your detergent, bleach, fabric softener, and soaps.
  7. Keep bins and baskets handy in the room to separate dirty and clean, lights and darks, colors and whites.
  8. Keep a container around to throw in any items left in the clothes and pockets, and a trashcan to throw away tags, garbage, and lint.
  9. Hang a clothesline somewhere nearby to hang delicates and clothes that tend to wrinkle quickly.
  10.  Create a space for your ironing board or a surface to fold clothes (these could be one in the same).

While many of these tasks seem easy and downright obvious, they can be easily neglected when life gets busy. Staying on top of a clean and organized laundry room will take the stress off of a necessary chore.