Wait! Don’t put that in the dryer! When it comes to confidence and comfort, a coveted favorite bra is nothing to mess around with. From the intricate lace detailing to the ultrasoft silky fabric, or the extra stable support with the perfect amount of breathability and elastic stretch, securing the perfect bra is a science as much as it is an investment. No matter which type of bra you’re shopping for these days, a quality-made, form-fitting bra can cost as much as, if not more than a new pair of shoes.

To safeguard your undergarments, brassieres, sports bras and bralettes, take the extra minute to follow these simple and easy care steps.

Mesh bag or bust

Depending on the material quality, the number of times worn and care regimen, some bras will hold their original form and last longer than others. If you’re not careful, that pricey, new push-up bra might end up like the back-up-to-the-back-up sports bra buried at the bottom of your dresser. But the best way to preserve all of your brassieres is by protecting them from stretching, rubbing and friction while they’re in the wash.

Maintain your favorite bra’s shape and integrity by machine washing them in a mesh or lingerie specific laundry bag.

From now on when you sort your laundry between light and dark colors, create a third pile for your bras. If you have the time, attach the clasps to keep your bras compact (thus, less likely to tangle up with other bras in the bag).

By keeping your bras stowed away separately in a lingerie or mesh bag, you’ll prevent the delicate lace details, elastic straps, and soft padding from rubbing against other harsh fabrics, or from getting tangled or stretched out.

Integrating a lingerie bag that separates your bras from the rest of your laundry load will do wonders for the lifespan of your bras, but when it comes to your favorite garments, you can never be too careful.

Wash with ease and peace of mind using Speed Queen washer settings

While it’s generally agreed upon that hand washing is the best line of defense against damage to delicate clothes and garments, Speed Queen’s Delicate Cycle is specifically designed to gently wash items that would typically be hand washed.

A full tub of water is recommended (even for small loads) to allow the delicate items to move freely through the water. More water helps reduce fabric wear, wrinkling, and provides for a clean wash.

Brassie-AIR it out

Whether you choose to hand wash, run a bra-only “delicates” wash cycle or integrate a lingerie bag into your regular laundry loads, make sure your bras stay out of the dryer! A machine dryer’s rough and cascading tumbling effect can tangle, twist, distort, or mangle the different parts and components of a bra.

When the timer goes off and it’s time to switch loads, drape your bras over a drying rack, shower rod, or out on a clothesline where the fresh air blows.