Nothing beats a heart-pounding, sweat-filled workout when you’ve got moisture-wicking clothing. This type of clothing works by moving moisture away from your skin and into its top layer where it can evaporate into the air. While incredibly breathable and comfortable, after a few weeks you might notice a smell. That’s because moisture-wicking clothes are prone to retaining odors and are notorious for staying smelly even after multiple washes—but there’s something you can do about it. Here’s a few simple tips to follow to keep workout clothes fresh and clean:

  • After a workout, don’t throw your clothes into the hamper or a ball in the corner.Either prepare to immediately wash them or lay them out to dry.
  • Because odor-causing bacteria is collecting on the inside of clothes, turn them inside out before washing.
  • Avoid fabric softener as it can build up and get trapped into the fibers of moisture-wicking clothing, stopping it from functioning properly.
  • Helping kill odor-causing bacteria, soak clothing with a cup or two of white vinegar for 30 minutes before washing with your usual detergent.
  • If white vinegar doesn’t help, consider a detergent specifically created for sports clothing.
  • Got time? Air dry moisture-wicking clothing to avoid the potential damage that a dryer’s friction and heat can do on delicate fabrics.

Smell better? Good to hear! Time to get back out there and get that heart rate back up.