DR7 is only model on the market with pet-specific cycle options

 Speed Queen, a brand renowned for its commercial quality pedigree, is launching a new dryer with special cycles that will have pet owners rejoicing.

Speed Queen becomes the first laundry appliance brand to offer cycles designed specifically for pet hair removal and drying of pet items.

“Animals bring so much joy to our homes, mine included,” said Cody Masluk, vice president and general manager of Speed Queen residential. “I’m so excited to launch these new dryers, with solutions developed by pet owners for pet owners, to the public.”

True to its legendary commercial quality heritage Speed Queen put the pet hair removal cycles to the test at sites such as dog rescue and service animal organizations and a university veterinary clinic and the results have been exceptional.

“With 67 percent of United States households having at least one pet, Pet Plus™ cycles are making consumers’ lives easier,” Masluk said.

In addition to Pet Plus™ cycles such as Pet Hair Removal and Pet Items, Speed Queen’s DR7 dryer now offers the convenience of steam options, including steam sanitize and steam refresh. A steam boost option will reduce wrinkles and pesky static for quality results. Steam options also are offered on the DR5 model; both models are ENERGY STAR® certified.

For more information about commercial quality Speed Queen products, visit speedqueen.com/2021dryers.