Since becoming the official laundry partner of Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS), we’ve met many passionate animal advocates. But these heroes exist in a variety of organizations, many affiliated with BFAS. Today, we’re introducing you to one of our own teammates—Annie Mack,Manager of Creative Services at Speed Queen and just one of the many animal lovers at our company.

How it started

Cats can be pretty sneaky. Lurking around, ever so quietly. Stalking.

And then—bam! They’re in your lap and expecting you to give them all the love in the world.

At least that’s how it went for cat lover Annie Mack and her entry into fostering kittens for her local rescue, Robin’s Nest of Indy. While Annie has assisted this organization since 2014, the idea of fostering was merely just that, an idea. That was until a sneaky, pregnant-looking cat decided to prowl into one of her friend’s yard a year ago—quickly pulling Annie into the world of fostering.

“I’ve loved cats all my life,” Annie says. “I knew I wanted to [foster].”

The crew at Robin’s Nest got Annie up to speed on training and gave her the confidence to jump in and help. Ever since one sly cat pulled her into the world of fostering kittens, Annie has never stopped.

“I’ve learned so much in the process I never thought I’d learn,” she says.

Next-level commitment

It’s often a subtle transition when someone’s interest becomes a true passion, but for others, it’s as abrupt and quick as flipping a switch. For Annie, it was more the latter. Seemingly instantaneous, Annie’s foster journey became what she was born to do. This passion was apparent to those around her the moment she decided to convert her basement into a kitten foster headquarters.

“The work is never going to end, and I can be a person to help,” she says when describing how she believes she can make a difference for these animals. And she has no desire to stop. She’s told her boyfriend about her commitment and that any future living arrangements will have to include a foster area. Because they only stay for a short time, Annie astutely refers to this fostering arrangement as a “crazy cat lady loophole.” She can have lots of dedicated cat space and kittens without taking on the “crazy cat lady” moniker. Smart, right?

While fostering comes with plenty of work, it’s not without its rewards. Annie counts herself lucky to have a front row seat to the feline birthing process.

“Being a midwife for cats is so cool. Witnessing how nature works has been mind blowing,” she says. She adds that through the process, she’s also uncovered that she’s got an interest in the medical side of it all and a desire to keep learning.

Advice for others

Annie has most definitely uncovered her passion, but for those who want to help and aren’t ready to step into the responsibilities that come with fostering, she has simple advice: do it.

“There are so many ways to help that aren’t fostering,” she says while suggesting finding an established organization in your area and reaching out. However, if you are willing to try fostering, the perks are excellent. “How could I not have these little furballs in my house all the time?”

Cats. They’re definitely sneaky.

To learn more about Robin’s Nest of Indy, click here.