Our Pet Plus™ cycles project was born out of our team’s love of pets and the joy they bring to us each day. Over the next few months, we’ll be posting the stories of the pets who inspired the idea. Today, we’ll meet Missy, K.C. and T.J, all cats who belong to Alliance’s Justa Heldt. Justa works in the Test and Repair department.

As you’d expect, three cats in one home can sometimes be a hairy situation (in more ways than one), but Justa said she couldn’t imagine her life any other way. Each has their own specific personality, which makes every day interesting.

For example, if you want snuggles, you’ll want to hang out with the baby of the family, Missy. If you’re looking for a little sass, K.C.’s your best bet (especially if you bring her a McDonald’s French fry!) and, last, but not least, is T.J., who Justa describes as a big goofball – with the emphasis on big. T.J. is a 25-pound Maine coon.

All three were adoptions from the Green Lake Animal Shelter. Adoption was always the route Justa wanted to go when adding to her family and she thinks that giving animals who need a home a safe place to live is incredibly important.

K.C., who will be 12 this fall, was the only fur baby in Justa’s house for a while, so she got accustomed to the attention. K.C., short for kitty cat (a name given to her by Justa’s human child), was only 3 months old when she was first adopted. A few years later, T.J. (short for Tom and Jerry) joined the family. T.J. is now 10. Finally, Missy joined the family – she’s 4 years old and likes to push Justa’s buttons.

“She’s like a little teen,” Justa said. “She does whatever she wants. The bedroom door could be shut and she just whips it open.” 

Justa grew up with cats and said she’s excited to be able to share her love of cats with her own  kiddo. Although it’s a full house, Justa said it wouldn’t be the same without them.

“Cats are just great,” Justa exclaimed. “They’re cuddly and snuggly and loveable. They can also take care of themselves, and, not gonna lie, that’s a big plus.”