Can a Speed Queen washer and dryer pair make laundry day easier, but also—wait for it—enjoyable?

Impossible you say? Well, allow us to introduce you to Mary Tatro of Sebastian, Florida.

It’s pretty easy to see why laundry day in Mary’s home wasn’t always a joyous occasion—before the Tatro family joined the Speed Queen family, they had been through three sets of machines over the last 20 years. The last washer “walked” if it was even the slightest bit out of balance and made so much noise that it sent their poor dogs scurrying. Not exactly a great statement of the reliability of other brands.

Mary did her research, and everything pointed toward investing in a Speed Queen TR7 washer and DR7 dryer. In fact, a friend loved her pair so much that when she moved into a condo, she put her Speed Queen set in storage so she could still use them. But, Mary had reservations, which is understandable given three swings and misses with other brands. It was when she chatted with a dealer, who only had one service call on a Speed Queen in 10 years, that she was sold.

“Go big or go home,” she said of ordering her new Speed Queen set.

Install day brought another pleasant surprise—a water line to the dryer. As someone who hates ironing, Mary saw the steam feature as a game-changer, liberating her from a dreaded task.

Ditching the iron is nice, but this investment had to pay larger dividends—clean dividends. It was time for a test using her husband’s work clothes.

“He literally digs dirt for a living,” she joked of her husband’s excavating career.

Something magical happened—something that hadn’t occurred in years—the clothes came out completely clean. That trophy was the first victory lap. The next? The effectiveness of the DR7’s Pet Hair Remover cycle. And the final victory was the equipment’s ability to manage large quilts with ease; making Mary’s laundry day less work and more fun.

“I will look for things around the house,” Mary jokes about wanting to make laundry day an everyday event. “I have the best, most efficient laundry equipment; I want to use it.”